Skywatch Friday:  Winter's End?

Behold:  Melting snow, blustery winds, whitecaps and an afternoon sun break.  Could this mean that winter is coming to an end on South Fidalgo?

Weather Statistics for February, 2011

TemperatureHigh 51.2° FLow 17.9° FMean 39.4° F
Rainfall1.62 inches
WindHigh 39 mphAverage 2.8 mphDom Dir S

Observed at South Fidalgo Island (See Climate page for complete climatological data)


  1. I do hope that's what it means!! Yesterday we had a little of everything here in Seattle!! There was wind, rain, sleet, snow, blue skies, humongous clouds, gray skies and some sunshine all within less than 12 hours! Nothing like variety!!! Hope we have a good weekend!!! Enjoy! Stay warm and dry!


  2. Certainly looks as if it's well and truely over here - often when it pulls it's little surprises.

  3. I hope it's the end, but for some reason I'm not too optimistic yet. Great shot though even if it is causing you some wishful thinking!!

  4. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that winter is over. In Illinois it is wait five minutes and you might experience the weather you like. tee hee Lovely scene.
    Joyce M

  5. A beautiful scene! Love that strong, white weight of cloud!

  6. I like this shot...:) I hope it is the end..can't wait for spring! Glad to be here. Hope you can check out my ENTRY too!

  7. Lets hope it means Spring is not too far away!


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