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History can be either great or small, important and earth shaking or insignificant.  I have regarded my own personal history to be unremarkable.  I had some boxes in my basement that my grandmother had packed up maybe thirty-five or forty years ago.  I had never taken the time to look through them until a few weeks ago.  I was amazed to find some rather wonderful family photos.  I have always enjoyed looking at vintage photos so I was tickled to death to find these.  I took them downtown to be framed and just got them back.  Keep in mind, these are photos of photos, so the quality presented here is a bit rough. Above is my paternal grandmother Louise Wenning .  Her maiden name was Geiger .  The young girl is my Aunt Irene Wenning .  The two boys are twins, my Uncle Herman on the left and my father Henry Wenning on the right.  He was born in 1915, so this photo must have been taken around 1920.  If you want to know what I looked like at about age five, there he is on the right.