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Last summer, this little clumping bamboo got me into big trouble over at Google+ .  It was Google's brand new social network where we early adopters were happily posting photos and talking about our interests.  I had just planted this little clumping  Borinda augustissima at the edge of the shade garden.  I took a photo of it and posted it with a caption about a new addition to the garden.  It was really just a practice post; no big deal. Well, jumping Jehoshaphat!  My innocent little throw-away post got some surprising attention.  A woman took me to task for planting this "terrible, invasive plant."   "Bamboo is outlawed in Florida."  "Didn't I know that bamboo should never be planted?" What? I could sense the desperation in her words.  It seemed an out-of-proportion reaction to such a small plant.  In the friendliest, most polite response I could conjure up, I pointed out that this was not Florida.  Bamboo was not considered an invasive