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Back in Business!

I have been in the new house a little over three weeks.  I am now living inside the town of Anacortes, Washington.  This past weekend, I got the weather station installed after a month offline.  I got it up just in time for an expected heat wave coming this week.  Up north here we are looking at temperatures in the upper 80's F, around 31° C.  Seattle is expecting 99° F, 37° C, while the Portland/Vancouver area is looking at 105° F, 40 C.  These are temperatures that belong in Arizona, not the Pacific Northwest. The station setup is not ideal, but few of us actually have that luxury.  At the previous house on South Fidalgo Island, I had separated the anemometer mast from the other sensors, putting it more out in the open.  Even though everything is together in one place now, I elected to keep the two separate power supplies and transmissions.  This seemed prudent to preserve battery power.  During the day, the batteries are charged by solar panels, but overnight, the batterie

South Fidalgo Station Signing Off

After 11 years of operation, the South Fidalgo Island weather station has signed off.  In about a week, I will be moving to a new home in the city of Anacortes, Washington.  Watch for the inauguration of Creekside Station, Anacortes in the coming weeks. Retirement should be a time of leisure.  When I began anticipating it, making this move was part of the planning.  The new home is located in a quiet neighborhood with a park-like setting.  It is smaller and will be much easier to take care of.  I will still have my own patch of woods affording an edge habitat right outside my windows.  Discovering what Anacortes urban nature has to offer will be a new adventure.  I will also have more time time for hiking and exploring the wilds of Fidalgo Island and surrounding areas. If you have bookmarked the weather page, you will find it temporarily coming up, "the page does not exist."  Don't make any changes.  As soon as the station hardware is installed at the new house and