Cap Sante

Cap Sante is a small hook-shaped headland at the extreme northeast corner of Fidalgo Island.  It creates a natural sheltered harbor adjacent to downtown Anacortes, Washington.  The Cap Sante Boat Haven accommodates commercial fishing boats, pleasure craft and the Coast Guard.  A major boating port, Anacortes hosts six marinas by my count.  On early morning trips downtown, I had noticed the visual effect of the low winter sun on the masts in the marina.

I thought this would be a good spot to try out a new camera.  I bought a Canon SX210is to have something I can stick in my pocket.  So far, I am pleased with this little Canon, I just wish it had a viewfinder.

At 0830 it was below freezing and the floats were slippery with heavy frost.  The clear air, still winds and bright sun produced a fine photo op.  While other parts of the country have suffered under adverse weather, we have had a string of cold, clear days over the New Year.  Enjoy this little Cap Sante gallery.  As you can see, the Harbor Master was on duty.

Weather Statistics for December, 2010

TemperatureHigh 54.5° FLow 23.4° FMean 43.5° F
Rainfall2.34 inches 
WindHigh 30 mphAverage 3.4 mphDom Dir S

South Fidalgo Station Data (See Climate page for complete climatological data)