Blogging Tips: Photo Watermarking

February Sunrise

I am not a blogging expert, by any means.  I want to clarify this up front.  Between here and Windows Live Spaces, however, I have a couple of years under my belt.  I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  Whenever I discover a useful trick or tool, I seem compelled to share it.

People put photos on the internet for various reasons.  Here, I use them to illustrate postings.  Watermarking a photo to identify its source is a basic function when publishing to the net.  I have been using a photo editor to add text but this was time consuming with poor results.  I have begun posting photo albums to the weather station Facebook page.  Using the photo editor was laborious, to say the least.

Over the rainy Labor Day weekend, I spent some time looking at free and low cost watermarking software.  I wanted something with a bit of style which was fast and easy.  I tried out freeware of three programs, Alamoon, ByteScout and one called Fast Watermark.  For quality, speed and user friendliness, ByteScout was the clear choice for me.  I have now purchased the "Standard" version (it also comes in a "Pro" version) and the photos here are examples.  The features added by the Standard Version include:
  • All of the Windows fonts and styles
  • Symbols such as ©
  • Transparency adjustments
  • Watermarking with logo images or logo plus text
  • Additional watermarking patterns and styles
  • Batch processing of multiple photos
  • Resizing and watermarking in one step
Now I can resize and watermark one photo or a batch with four clicks and there was virtually no learning curve.  To download and try out the freeware 'Lite' version, find the link below the features table on the ByteScout site.  Happy blogging.

February Sunrise


  1. Or alternatively use the watermark feature built into Windows Live Writer.

  2. Hi Technogran. I have used Writer's watermarking. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for Writer photo albums, and it is limited only to blog uploads using Writer. I needed something I could use more broadly and for posts not created with Writer.


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