Using the Canon SX20 IS

Since January I have had trouble with the focus on this new camera, especially with macro shots.  The auto-focus frame would jump around randomly.  Sometimes at the moment of taking the picture, the subject would blur.  I discovered the camera was set on "Face Detect" all this time.  The frame was jumping around looking for a face.  I wasn't aware that it did that.  [Insert red-faced emoticon here]  The trusty old S2 IS didn't have this feature.

To fix it, turn on the camera and bring up the menu on the screen.  The very first item "AF Frame" should be set to "Center."  Perhaps now the SX20 will take pictures as good as the S2 gave me.  Naturally, for people pictures, switch it to "Face Detect."

I thought sharing this might be helpful to a fellow newbie.  As they say, "when all else fails, read the manual."  Perhaps it would have helped if the darn thing came with a manual instead of a PDF.