Gibralter Heights Neighbor

Band-tailed Pigeon

This handsome fellow is a Band-tailed Pigeon (Patagioenas fasciata) described by the Seattle Audubon Society as "Washington's native pigeon."  This great photo was taken by a friend up in Gibralter Heights, one of the South Fidalgo neighborhoods.  Although this is just a few hundred feet from my house, I have never seen one in my yard.  Apparently, a group of about five, known as a "band," is being seen in the area for the first time.  They are known to move from place to place following food sources.  They also come to tidal areas seeking salt and other minerals.  My columbid species has been the smaller Mourning Dove (Zenaida  macroura).  They come daily and like to "rest" in my front patio near the feeders.  According to the National Geographic Field Guide, the larger birds of the group are pigeons, while the smaller ones are doves.  Photo:  Dan Codd


  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for following my blogs. I will post a link to yours on Wild about Whidbey.
    I look forward to browsing your blog! We live in such an awesome area.

  2. This morning the chickens were making one heck of a racket so went over to investigate and there was a grouse just a few feet from them. They are all over in the woods, but rarely come into the yard. Down in California where we winter there is a real pigeon problem. But this guy looks different. Well summer is coming to an end, but in my neck of the woods the days will continue to be warm but the nights soon will be nearing freezing. Our spring is way to low now to water outside can only be used for the house. Had to start hauling water from the creek below for all the trees and plants. May just have to let the grass die. It will come back as soon as water comes again. Told hubby to put a well in just below the house next to the creek a couple years ago. I knew that spring was going to get dryer and dryer each year. Well take care Hugs Carrie

  3. Hello Whidbey Woman, welcome aboard.
    Hi Carrie. Yes, this seems to be the third record hot/dry summer in a row now. One snowfall in Washington, DC, however, is regarded as evidence that there is no climate change. My, oh my.


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