Autumn in the Air

7:15 AM, Temp 54° F, Dew Point 52.9° F, Barometer 30.05 in, Wind Calm, Humidity 96%

Misty Morning on Skagit Bay

Despite what the calendar says, the look and feel of fall has been in the air.  This is the result of a low pressure system sitting over south central British Columbia.  Over night it draws in cool moist air off the Pacific giving us foggy and overcast mornings.  We call this "ocean air."  Usually it will burn off by noon or so.  For the past couple of days, however, the overcast has persisted into late afternoon.  As if in a conspiracy, a high over the Pacific has colluded with the low to produce a more lingering effect.  Such can be summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Cool summers often transform seamlessly into warm falls.  There is no reason for concern.  We can look forward to many warm and sunny days well into October.

Weather Statistics for July, 2010

TemperatureHigh 81.4° FLow 48.1° FMean 57.9° F
Rainfall0.1 inch 
WindHigh 21.0 mphAverage 1.5 mphDom Dir SW

South Fidalgo Station Data (See Climate page for complete climatological data)


  1. Same here. We have our crab apples beginning to grow and blush on the trees, and the orange fruits are already appearing on the trees as well. Seems early to me though. Where's summer gone?

  2. Still summer here in New England! It has cooled off a bit, down to 80's and 50's at night, for the past few days anyway. A refreshing change from July, which has been our hottest on record.

  3. Oh my! I just loved that sight! Wish I could spend some silent hours there doing nothing else but watch the mother nature :-)

    Dave, By the way, I had responded to your note on the blog stats some time back. It seems like neither the comment reached you nor got recorded here in blogger!

    Things are going relatively better... Getting bigger deals and better and better feedback on my product :-)


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