August in the Garden


Rose Campion

PenstemonRed SageScabiosa
WallflowerEnglish LavenderCrane's Bill
St. JohnswortAnemoneStokes' Aster

Even in late summer, there is still a lot going on in the garden.  I was a little disappointed when I viewed these photos individually.  They seem to look better when you put them all together.  None of them have been retouched, I promise.  These are straight out of the Canon.

PS:  If you are getting a “Site is unsafe” when clicking on the images, ignore it.  The images are hosted at a Google/Picassa site and it is not “unsafe.”  This would appear to be a false-positive from Norton, and possibly other AV’s, on posts created using Windows Live Writer.  I get no such message on a computer protected by AVG.  Several of us are working with Google and Norton to get this corrected.

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  1. All of them posted together are beautiful! The colors are so vibrant.


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