Skywatch Friday:  October Surprise

Time 0648

This week we pan a bit to the left to watch the sunrise over Kiket Island in Skagit Bay.  The spotted pattern of the clouds initially caught my eye.  I continued to watch for the next forty minutes.  The fall and winter sunrises here fascinate me, so I will probably bore everyone to death with them.

Time 0720

Time 0725

Time 0730

Then, after three days of rain, wind and overcast, the skies cleared and evening gave us a nice sunset.  While my sunrises are back-lit, the sunsets are lighted from the front:

Time 1824

Skywatch Friday


  1. Such a beautiful transformation of the sky and reflection. You've got a great place to do skywatching...

  2. As always, your photos of the sunrise and sunsets are gorgeous. We lead such busy lives that we don't take enough time to gaze upwards and see the wonderful skies that appear right above our heads. thanks for these.

  3. How could such beauty every be boring? Wonderful shots!


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