New Toy: A BirdCam

Eastern Gray Squirrel

This week a package arrived from Amazon delivering my new "BirdCam 2.0."  This is basically an 8.1 megapixel camera that is activated by infrared sensors.  When set up at the feeders, it is designed to take photos of birds entering its sensor field.  They recommend first setting it up on the ground with some seed scattered in front.  This provides the opportunity to tinker with the settings and determine what is optimum.  Naturally, my first customer was one of the local Eastern Gray Squirrels.  I also ordered a mounting arm and an "Eye-Fi" SD card:

The BirdCam Stuff

The Eye-Fi SD card promises to transmit images over a wifi network to a host computer and add them to your pictures folder.  This was a risky purchase since it had mixed reviews when used with the BirdCam.  It was also a bit pricey, but some have gotten it to work and the possibility was too good to pass up.  So far, it seems to work intermittently.  For my first bird photo, I managed to capture a pair of Steller's Jays.  Not bad for the first day.  It looks like this thing is going to be fun.

Steller's Jays

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