Kiket Island

On a typical, overcast June day, a bit of sun makes it through the cloud cover to light up Kiket Island in Skagit Bay.  I consider it part of my front yard.  Technically, it is a peninsula, connected to Fidalgo Island by a tombolo.  The smaller Flagstaff Island to the right is connected to Kiket by another tombolo.  In 1969, Seattle City Light and Snohomish County PUD planned to build a nuclear power plant on the island.  Yikes!  Fortunately, that plan was abandoned due to public outrage.  Last summer, it was acquired jointly by the State and the Swinomish Tribal Community and it will now become a part of Deception Pass State Park.  Anticipated access will be by foot and non-motorized boats only.  Low impact recreational activities will include bird watching, beach walking and marked nature trails.  I can't wait.  Until now, it has been privately owned and basically off-limits.  Being undisturbed for more than 100 years allowed a unique, natural Puget Sound habitat to develop.

Update:  For an account of my first on-site visit to Kiket Island see the post "Exploring Kukutali."

PDF:  Kiket Island Addition to Deception Pass State Park

PDF:  Kiket Island Addition to Deception Pass State Park Phase II