2:45 PM, Temp 52.9 °F, Dew Point 51.8 °F, Barometer 30.06 in S, Wind Calm, Humidity 96%

Even around here, the weather in June is not supposed to be like this.  It should be 65-70 °F/18-21 °C, plus or minus, and partly to mostly sunny.  Today was more like a very warm December.  It is hard to believe that the summer solstice is just 2 days away.

Notice that the air temperature and dew point are very close and the relative humidity is nearing 100%.  Fog forms when the dew point is equal to or almost equal to the air temperature.  At the time of the photo there was a nearly imperceptible rain falling in typical Northwest fashion.  It was more like a mist.  For me, this is perfect gardening weather.  A person can work outdoors, and for some reason, stay completely dry.  In this weather, you can dig up plants and not worry about the roots getting fried in the sun.  That's exactly how I spent the afternoon.

Almost the entire continental US is 80 °F/27 °C or more today.  Texas is 100 °F/38 °C plus, but our little corner of Washington State will top out in the mid 50's.  It looks like tomorrow will begin a cycle of more normal weather conditions for us.