Rhododendron 'Blue Ensign'

Welcome to Fidalgo Island Crossings.  This posting marks the relaunch of a blog formerly hosted at Windows Live Spaces.  Using the “Pages” option here, I am also incorporating my Fidalgo Weather website as a part of this blog.  Eventually, I may take down the site and move the domain name here.  Thus, I am able to manage both the blog and website using a single platform.  Nifty!

This blog will focus on living in the natural world on and around Fidalgo Island, Washington.  I will be exploring nature in local parks, beaches, woods and in my back yard. Weather, wildlife and gardening will be central themes, but once in a while, I will wander into other subjects.

I look forward to meeting new people here and sharing my thoughts.  I invite others to join me in this new adventure.


  1. Thought I'd leave a comment for your test post, to test it :0

    Nice, have to type in letters to protect from spam, and lets me choose to have follow up comments emailed to me.

  2. Thanks Sue. Appreciate the company here also.


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