BirdCam:  Red-breasted Nuthatch

Since getting my BirdCam set up, I have been specifically trying to get a picture of the Red-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta canadensis).  These little guys provide a definition for "cute."  I have gotten several shots, but they were all blurred like the one above.  At least the Japanese Maple looks nice.  Finally, on Halloween, I got a couple of fairly decent photos:

This is a male evidenced by his black cap.  Females have a gray cap.  These little birds are active and fast as lightning.  They fly to the feeders, grab a seed and quickly disappear back into the trees.  This accounts for the difficulty getting a clear BirdCam shot.  At the front patio suet feeder, they will boldly come even if I am working close by.  The second photo above shows the steely gray back.  I see them running around the sides of Douglas Firs.  You must look carefully as this color makes them almost invisible on the trunks.  After finally getting these pictures, I moved the BirdCam to a new location and replaced the suet feeder.  What would you guess was the very first bird captured here?  Can you tell which end is which?