The Lighthouse

The 'lighthouse' at Lighthouse Point

The previous post from Lighthouse Point seemed incomplete without a photo of the "lighthouse," so here it is in all of its glory.  From the perspective of this photo, we now have our backs to the Deception Pass Bridge.  Beyond to the west is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  The bridge is the most-photographed structure in the State of Washington.  The light is not.  Perhaps a grand tower with a lonely keeper would be more picturesque, but not in this setting.  The bridge is the star here and that's how it should be.

Weather Statistics for June, 2010

TemperatureHigh 73.4° FLow 46.5° FMean 55.2° F
Rainfall1.36 inches 
WindHigh 28.0 mphAverage 1.5 mphDom Dir SW

South Fidalgo Station Data (See Climate page for complete climatological data)