New Look for the Old Blog

Pacific Rhododendron

The old blog has a new look, thanks to some up-to-date templates just made available by Blogger.  Admittedly, the old theme I was using had gotten pretty stale.  A freshening up was overdue.

Blogger's new themes are designed to work on any platform, PC, tablet or phone.  So far, the only failure I found in this regard was my antique iPod Touch.  Under iOS 5.5 (we're at 10.2 now), that was probably asking too much.  I don't use it anymore anyway.  It works great on the iPad Mini.

I still have some work to do.  Some of the formatting didn't come across correctly, so I will be cleaning up and redesigning some of the pages.  Block quotes are handled very differently now.  I also removed some pages that had become stale, and probably were not serving any useful purpose.

After some trial and error, I determined that a 3:1 aspect ratio worked best for the background image.  I chose one to reflect the season with a plan to update them through the year.  They will represent weather, seasons, native flora and fauna, exploring, and local sights.

The old sidebar is hidden now, but can be accessed using the menu icon in the upper left of the Home page.  Elements like archive links and labels can be found here.  The blog can be searched using the icon in the upper right.

Regarding browsers, the site renders correctly in Chrome, Edge, and iOS Safari.  For some reason, the sidebar doesn't collapse in Firefox and Internet Explorer.  This spoils the look significantly.  Also in Firefox, the page tabs don't render correctly, but they do function correctly.

Let me know what you think.  I always appreciate hearing ideas for improvement.  If you encounter any difficulties or glitches, I want to hear about those as well.  I am particularly interested to know how it works in other browsers and on Apple computers.

"Old words are reborn with new faces."
-Criss Jami