Skywatch Friday:  The Neighborhood

South Fidalgo Island from Mount Erie

This is a view of my South Fidalgo Island neighborhood from the summit of Mount Erie looking southeast.  I come up here every once in a while to take this same picture.  I keep hoping to find a moment when the air is free of haze.  This one from June is one of the best.  When it is very clear, it is possible to see Mount Rainier from here more than 100 miles/161 km away.  But not this day.

The closer body of water is Lake Campbell.  Beyond is Skagit Bay, the northern-most reach of Puget Sound.  The bay is bounded on the left by Fidalgo Island and on the right is Whidbey Island.  The small islands in the bay, left-to-right, front-to-back are Kiket, Skagit, Hope and Goat Islands.  Does anyone know if the little island in Lake Campbell has a name?

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