Not Your Father's Skywatch

Skagit Bay 08:20 AM January 27th

Photos posted over at Skywatch Friday don't usually look like this.  Blue skies with white fluffy clouds are the norm.  Even better are the bright flashy reds, yellows and oranges of sunrises and sunsets.  Those bring lots of visits and comments.  But gray?  I probably won't get much play from these shots.

While parts of the country are suffering under another Polar Vortex, this photo is more typical of the coastal Pacific Northwest in January.  Weather stats at the time of this photo:

Time 08:20, Temperature 35.9° F, Dew Point 35.4° F, Humidity 98%, Wind Calm, Barometer Steady

Fog generally forms when the difference between the temperature and dew point are less than 4° F and the relative humidity is near 100%.

Skagit Bay 11:00 AM January 27th

By 11:00 AM, the fog had lifted a bit.  As you can see, the sun is shining.  The sun always shines here.  It's just that clouds or fog sometimes get in the way.  Some find this weather dismal and even unbearable.  For those of us born to it, however, it is part of the special ambience of the region.  There is a quiet and peacefulness to a foggy day.  Many of you will know exactly what I mean.

Skagit Bay 12:10 PM January 27th

This photo was taken at noon.  The islands across Skagit Bay are mostly visible now, but this is about as clear as it got all day.