Madrona Progress Report

Last month, I posted some photos of my fruiting Madrona Tree.  As I mentioned then, this is the first time I have seen this happen.  I have no idea how this will progress.  It has now been about three weeks and the berries have swollen a bit.  The clusters now sport a bright orange color making the tree look decorated for Halloween.  In the morning sun, this Madrona really stands out from the crowd right now.  In this group that lines my driveway, it is the only one bearing fruit.

The berries resemble clusters of small, orange grapes.  This morning, the branches were alive with chickadees, perhaps two dozen in number.  They did not seem interested in the fruits.  Instead, they come for the insects and spiders that make their home in the tree.

Elsewhere in the Garden

Meanwhile, my Japanese Stewartia (S. pseudocamelia) has also taken on its autumn attire.  As fall progresses, the leaves will become more burgundy colored.  Like the Madrona, it has interesting colored bark that exfoliates.  It will display pastel shades of gray, pink, green and beige through the winter.

Looking closer, autumn Stewartia leaves are multicolored in shades of red, orange, purple and green.  Like camelias, they are members of the Tea family.  In the spring, they produce large, white, camelia-like flowers.

I cannot pass up an opportunity to include the native Vine Maple (Acer circinatum) in its fall colors.  My Japanese Maples are just beginning to turn.  They should be looking their best towards the end of the month.


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  1. I love madronas! Wonder why that one tree decided this year to fruit? Have you researched that? Interesting, have you left blogspot? Or just posting new things there? I think about migrating to WordPress, but it sounds like a huge hassle.

  2. Hi Jill. No, this is still Blogger. I just added a custom domain name to the same old blog. Must start all over again with search engine indexing and page ranks, but both should be better in the long run. I think the basic difference between Blogger and Wordpress is more things are still free with Blogger. For example to redirect the old name to is free with Blogger. There would be an annual fee at Wordpress. It is also easier to customize Blogger sites. I have noticed a sameness to Wordpress sites, to the point where I can spot one immediately. On the other hand, your blogger site looks very different than either of mine. Here's a good comparison of the two:

    Thanks for stopping by.


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