Bridge to Nowhere

Well, not really nowhere, but early on a foggy morning, you might get that impression.  This is the Deception Pass Bridge and it takes us to some very important places, including several sites in Deception Pass State Park.

I have discovered that I enjoy taking photographs in the fog.  Ordinary things take on a different look that can be interesting.  Also fog, like snow, is a weather event that can be photographed.  It is not possible to photograph wind.  Only the effects of the wind can be shown in a picture.  I have not found a good way to photograph rain, but I'll keep trying.

We have had several days now that have started with thick fog like this.  Then by afternoon, it clears away giving us sunshine, only to return again after nightfall.  October is often our foggiest month.

On a Saturday morning, you will find Pacific Northwesterners playing outdoors, regardless of the weather.  This is Deception Pass from North Beach near the Amphitheater.  The bridge is barely visible in the fog (click on the photo for a larger image).  The only sounds at the time were coming from sea birds.