Skywatch Friday:  Between Storms

8:17 AM, Temp 49.2° F, Dew Point 48.4° F, Barometer 29.77 in Steady, Wind Calm, Humidity 97%

Between storms, there is a moment of peaceful moodiness in early morning over Skagit Bay.  Until Christmas, December weather was unusually dry here on South Fidalgo Island.  We received less than a half inch (12 mm) of rain for the month.  The dry spell ended on Christmas Day.  Now we are getting a succession of storms delivering wet and windy conditions, with calm spells in between.  Fortunately, all predictions indicate the New Year's weekend will be fairly nice.


  1. Thank God for the respite between storms, not just in the weather.
    A lovely reflective shot so apt for the end of the year.

    Have a good one ahead!

  2. Superb capture! We are having a LOT of rain here in Seattle these days! It is wonderful to have a respite and fortunately, we've had a couple of those -- just not for the past few days! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  3. That's a gorgeous shot. Love the reflections.

    Hope to see you at the Cyber Masquerade Ball.

  4. Wow Dave it probably isn't very often the water is so calm for a reflection. To answer did we have a white Christmas, well yes of course. In 20 years here we always have snow at Christmas. Only this year we had that big dump in middle of November of 2 feet then basically had beautiful weather for 6 weeks with only an inch or so every now and then. Well that ended a few days ago with 5 inches snow at once then a major rain storm for a few hours. Back to snow last night with another 8 inches snow dump. We are back up to over 2 feet of snow. I spent over 2 hours shoveling this morning. But the sun had come out and it was so beautiful. Expecting more snow on and off for the next week. But our average temps have been way above normal. Had a wonderful quiet Christmas. Hope you have a blessed New Year fill with health, happiness and a spirit for life to shine on. Hugs Carrie

  5. The calm between the storms...gorgeous scene with dramatic shades of gray.

  6. Beautiful ! I wish you a Happy New Year ! :0)


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