Foggy Morning

The sun came up yesterday under clear skies on South Fidalgo Island.  Since I was going to be downtown, I decided to take the camera to get some shots from the top of Cap Sante.  This is a hook-shaped peninsula at the northeast corner of Fidalgo Island adjacent to downtown Anacortes.  There are wonderful views from the top.

As luck would have it, Anacortes and the north end of the island were socked in with fog.  The only sight from the top of Cap Sante was a dense haze.  OK then, what now?  I decided to go down to the Cap Sante Boat Haven nearby.  I enjoy looking at the boats and also taking photos that portray the weather.  I did this once before, but I have a better camera now and my post-processing skills may have improved a little.

The Cap Sante Boat Haven is operated by the Port of Anacortes.  It is a major attraction adjacent to downtown with a lot of new development in recent years.  It sits sheltered inside the hook formed by the peninsula.  The main building houses the marina offices, U.S. Customs Port of Entry offices and other services.

Seafarers' Memorial Park is another feature in the marina complex.  The "Lady of the Sea" statue bears the inscription, "Dedicated to those who work and play in the sea, and the families and friends who wait for them."  It has an eighteenth century feel to it.  The memorial pylon bears the names of local people who have lost their lives working at sea.  The last name, entered in 2010, was Lloyd Tony Kelly.

Fog and the still air that accompanies it impart a special ambience to any scene.  This is particularly true of boats moored in a harbor.  Fog filters and disperses the light removing harsh shadows.  The glassy surface of the sea produces reflections like a mirror.  The wonderful scent of salt air is rich.  In some places, the sound of a foghorn will add a plaintive musical accompaniment to the scene.  In Anacortes, only the crows and gulls occasionally offer up this service.

Morning temperatures were right at the freezing point.  Thick, slippery frost had formed from the damp air on some of the floating walkways in the marina.  Notice that in the Pacific Northwest, some of our forests contain no trees.  One thing is for certain, this is a place where money lives.

The stern-wheeler W.T. Preston is on permanent display adjacent to the marina.  Until 1981 she worked to remove navigation hazards from local rivers.  The boat is open to the public for tours from April to September.

If you prefer your boating adventures at sea, there are charter boats that offer whale watching, fishing trips and sightseeing excursions through local waters.

The fog lifted a little as the morning progressed.  Cap Sante, in the background of the second photo above, remained obscured in the mist.  Ironically, when I got home to South Fidalgo 6 miles/10 km away,  I was back in blue sky and sunshine.  As evidence, I was able to catch some eagle photos from the yard, and posted one at Wild Fidalgo.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

-Carl Sandburg