Skywatch Friday:  The Top of Fidalgo

Some high-tech infrastructure is in the sky this time.  At 1,273 feet (388 meters), Mount Erie is the highest point on Fidalgo Island.  The mountain is an Anacortes city park and visitors can drive to the summit over a steep, winding road.  A pair of communications towers crown the summit.  Mount Erie is a favorite destination for hikers, mountaineers and rock climbers.

Another view of the towers shows the pair together.  There are several paved pathways to overlooks at or near the summit.  My favorite is the overlook nearest the towers because it provides a wonderful view of South Fidalgo Island.  Click on the photo to enlarge it:

From up here, the curvature of the earth can be seen.  Lake Campbell is near the foreground and beyond is Skagit Bay, my usual Skywatch vantage point.  The entrance to Deception Pass is on the right.  On a very clear day, Mount Rainier is visible on the horizon from 117 miles (188 km) away.  Wildfires in eastern Washington may be responsible for the layer of haze in the photo.  A view of Mount Erie looking back from Skagit Bay can be seen here.