Gardening for Wildlife:  Fresh Water

One of the criteria when gardening to attract wildlife is providing a source of fresh water.  Consider a small pond with a recirculating waterfall.  There are complete kits available at home and garden stores and the internet.  Even a washtub can be adapted to this purpose.  The motion and sounds will add to the experience.  You will be amazed by the abundance of birds that will visit the pond year around.  They will come to get both a drink and a bath.  Birds you might rarely see at feeders will come in groups by species.  Robins, Thrushes, Goldfinches, Cedar Waxwings and even Crows will come in turn at various times during the day.  Locate your pond where you can observe it discretely from the house.  Add a place to sit quietly in the garden.  You will find yourself spending hours watching the passing parade.

Above, water-loving Japanese Iris and Ligularia are planted in partially submerged pots.  Below, the path to the pond is in the entry garden next to the house.  Native plants include Western Sword Ferns, Lady Ferns, Fringecup, Kinnikinnick and Madrona.