From the Star Trek Arboretum

Sea Holly (Eryngium x planum) 'Sapphire Blue''
A most alien specimen comes from the planet Andoria.  Sea Holly is a good choice for poor soil and a seaside location.  The Honey Bee is Terran.

The conical flower is surrounded by a corona of bracts which are modified leaves.  The flower's stems are also a rich, almost glowing blue color.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'
From Vulcan comes Crocosmia, a most illogical flower.  When grown on Earth, it is a favorite of hummingbirds.

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum) 'Aglaia'
The poet-warriors of the Klingon home world Qo'noS have raised horticulture to an art form.  This Shasta Daisy hybrid shines in the dim light of the Klingon star.

The next time you host an event for Starfleet, consider floral arrangements combining these unusual flowering plants.


  1. Well you have to watch that sea holly that is doesn't get out of control. Mine did. Didn't cut the seeds in time. Didn't weed out the 1st year seedlings. Yes it will grow anywhere. It has escaped my perinneal flower garden. Oh I will never remember how to spell that "p" word. Anyway. They are a beautiful additions when kept where they belong. You can be sure I will cut the seed heads before they dry and fall out. Too bad cause that is where they continue to give character to your garden. Love your Star Trek twist to the blog. Some people as the creator of that were amazing visionaries. I can't believe how much we saw on that show way back then is now everyday stuff in our lives now. Awe but the flower in internal... Hope you are enjoying wonderful weather in your paradise. It's finally here in mine. Hugs Carrie


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