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What I Did On My Summer Pandemic

First, some history.  In 1981 I bought my first computer, an IBM PC running DOS.  I installed it in my office at work.  Using Lotus 1-2-3 and WordStar , I achieved the status of hospital tech wizard.  Memories.  About 1997,  I made the transition to Windows in which I have cruised along ever since.  For 14 years, the weather station has also run in the Windows environment. For more than 10 years, I have also been using Apple mobile devices, iPod Touch and iPads.  Last fall, I finally replaced the old flip phone with an iPhone 11 Pro.  I've enjoyed the way they all work together seamlessly.  I also appreciate Apple's privacy philosophy. On the other hand, I have become increasingly skeptical about Windows.  Little things like plugging in my camera and expecting the Canon window to open.  But instead, I get something called "Phone Assistant," which Microsoft installed without my permission.  Or Cortana butting into my searches and hijacking my default search en