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Landscaping the New House, Day 1

The 'Before' Garden

As I have mentioned previously, I moved last summer.  Part of my retirement planning included a smaller place that would be easier to take care of.  I found this townhouse in a planned community which was almost perfect for my needs.

I say almost perfect, because for an avid gardener, the plantings around this house were a bit of a disaster.  For starters, a small street-side bed (above) included a pair of overgrown rhododendrons that completely blocked the window.  My office is in that room, and it was frustrating to work at the computer and not be able to see out.  I don't know much about the history of the house or who lived here before.  I think it was vacant for a while before I moved in.  It may also have been a rental for a time.

The entry garden was in very sad shape.  A potentilla shrub (left) had died before I moved in.  They require regular watering, but it got none during last summer's drought.  On the right is a California Lilac, probab…