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Weather Data Missing?

Also, apologies are in order.  Visitors to the Weather page may have noticed  the weather data is missing.  The outfit that hosted this data was sold to a holding company.  On a day's notice all of their accounts were migrated to another host, something called Site5.  This immediately stopped the data feeds from the weather station.

At the new host, I had everything I needed except the remote path URL for uploading the data page.  For some reason, they could not simply tell me what that was.  Instead, I was confronted with pages and pages of confusing instructions and multiple options.  The bottom line, I was unable to get the feeds working with the new host.  Their customer support was no help at all.  All they do is send you links to their FAQ's.  It was obvious this outfit could care less whether the data uploads worked or not.  It is not a company suited for website beginners or even intermediate level expertise.

This all happened right in the middle of both my landscaping project and kitchen remodel.  I had to set this aside for a while.

I am now in search of a new host.  As soon as I can get it all running again, the Weather page will be back to normal.

The rest of the blog is working fine.  Only the weather data has been affected by this.

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