Independence Day

Rose Campion
Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria 'Gardener's World')

False Spirea
False Spirea (Astilbe x arendsii 'Diamond')

Cranesbill (Geranium himalayense 'Johnson's Blue')

This cool and cloudy Fourth provides an opportunity to feature three flowers in the garden that might be overlooked at any other time.  It is astonishing that a recent poll indicates that 26% of Americans cannot name the country from which we gained our independence.  Some of the guesses were China, Spain and Mexico.  I sometimes wonder how the British view this day, or if they even think about it at all.  Once we got past that little skirmish in 1814 when they burned down the White House, we became steadfast allies.  We even share the red, white and blue colors which mark the day.  Here is a salute to both America and to our good friends in the UK and the values that we share.


  1. Hi Dave, Nice to hear from you. Went through blogger stuff. It's coming up nicely. Also saw your notes on the wins of blogspot and the losses of Spaces. It is so so unfortunate that Microsoft is playing so deaf to the voices of its users! Am not sure when all of us will be forced to move out of the OLSB as well! Haven't yet figured out the details of the blogspot stuff yet to decide how I can derive value for my business.

    Things are okay here. Our product is getting better traction with the market and several of our users are complementing the simplicity and utility of it. Feels good and gets us going when we get that kinda feedback. And the business is also growing with corporates now looking at larger number of licenses... A few more months & I should be going pretty steady if everything goes well.

    Haven't had much time to run through the OLSB community as my time is sucked totally into getting the business on track and of course other worldly problems :-)

    As always, nice to see some soothing and wonderful pics on your blogs!


  2. Hello Dave, Thanks for coming by, was good as a reminder to put you on my follower list. Got a bit caught up in the beginning with trying to figure everything out here. I notice you have cransbill also. We have it growing on our property wild. I transplanted a couple plants into my perinneal flower bed years ago. It is monster size now and is so beautiful. Mine is more a purple color. Big changes in the weather ahead. Enjoy those hot days on the water front.


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