Into Each Life...

At the moment, we are experiencing the second of three successive storms off the Pacific.  This photo taken this morning shows what can happen to low lying beach front.  An 11.2 foot tide combined with a bit of wind can push driftwood and debris up onto lawns.  I remember one storm several years ago pushed large driftwood almost a hundred feet up that broad lawn.  Can you spot the neighbor's Davis weather station right in the middle of the action?  Click or right-click the photo to view it full size.

There was once a small and beautiful driftwood field where that wash section is now.  It included tall native dune grasses and was a nesting site for birds.  It actually provided protection against these storm surges.  I would have used it as part of the landscaping to preserve this natural feature.  The neighbors had a different vision.  They pushed the driftwood out onto the beach, tried to fill in the low spot and planted grass.  As you can see, nature is having none of it.  She keeps trying to rebuild the driftwood field, and this is not the first time.  What was once beautiful and natural is now just a mess.  Fighting nature will be a never-ending battle.

This is a photo from yesterday's storm.  Yes, those are rain drops on the lens filter.  I lost power for about 8 hours which was a good excuse to go out for breakfast.  Skagit Bay looks just like this again today with driving rain and winds ranging between 5 and 29 mph (8 to 47 kph).  The power is still on, but I'm rushing to get this posted.

Tomorrow is supposed to bring the big one.  There is still some uncertainty depending the exact course the storm will take.  The Washington coast and the north Sound (that's me) will get the worst of it.  Rain will be heavy all over western Washington.  The Weather Service is issuing landslide warnings.  Emergency repairs to the Skagit River levees around Mount Vernon are underway ahead of expected flooding.

This is a "pineapple express" which is a warm, wet storm system out of the tropical Pacific.  Right now, it's 54° F (12° C) so if the power goes out, at least we won't freeze.  This is the same storm that will hit California tomorrow that has all the news media excited.  They never get excited about our weather.