Pineapple Express

Sometimes Hawaii sends her subtropical weather our way, and we call it a "Pineapple Express."  It means lots of rain, gusty winds and unusually warm temperatures.  This one is expected to bring two days of nonstop rain and temperatures in the mid-fifties F, about 13° C.  With rapidly melting snow in the mountains added to the mix, several western Washington rivers are under flood warnings.  For me, both the Skagit close to home and the Stillaguamish close to work are included.  The heaviest rains are expected to roll in tonight and into Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday will bring the worst flooding.  For some of our rivers lately, the "hundred-year-floods" have been occurring about every two years.

The radar image screen shot shows what a Pineapple Express looks like.  The blank wedge in the southwest part of the image is caused by the Olympic Mountains.

South Fidalgo has a different worry during heavy rains.  Parts of the hillside overlooking Skagit Bay can become unstable when excessive rainfall percolates into the soil.  In 1990, record November rains caused a fairly significant landslide event here.  This is why you will find us watching the ground instead of the sky for the next few weeks.


  1. Just received an email that the Flood Watch for our area is cancelled. I have not received one for a Flood Warning... so perhaps the worst is over. Will be interesting to see what the Skagit River does. Hope the hillsides stay in tact.
    I like your explanation of a Pineapple Express and put a link to it on my Wild about Whidbey blog.

  2. Thank you for the link, Whidbey Woman.


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